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Technological advancements turn Intellectual Property to an inseparable part of the day to day business activities of most corporations in Israel and worldwide. The fact that, at times, the value of one’s Intellectual Property is equal to the value of his tangible assets, and some times even more, contributed to the increased realization of the need to protect Intellectual Property in the broadest way.
Nonetheless, realization is not enough, as it is as important to understand how to protect Intellectual property. This, for the purpose of protecting it in the best and optimal manner.

Our firm is a boutique law firm specializing in legal services in the Intellectual Property field and surrounding law. In this frame of work, we provide our clients with consulting and litigation services in the fields of: copyright, trademarks, patents, patent designs, Internet and computer law, advertising and marketing law, defamation law, privacy protection and so on.

Legal services provided by our firm are granted via veteran and experienced attorneys in the field, customized to each and every client’s needs and refer to both domestic activities and Israel as well as outside of it.